Video Is Audio Is delayed

I just recently downloaded pencil 2d and everything was going well, but now I’m having a problem. Whenever I add audio into the animation it bugs out. The video plays for 13-14 frames in silence before freezing for a couple of seconds and continuing but with audio. The worst part is the audio starts from the beginning. I don’t understand why this started happening, when I first downloaded pencil 2d it worked fine.

@Redikai Hi, if you downloaded the “stable” version of Pencil2D and there are issues with the sound can you try a development build? These have more fixes, and although they are considered unstable, sometimes they work fine for most cases.

Please download the version from February 13th. It’s the one I’m using and so far I haven’t had any issues with it. Plus I know there are things being fixes right now so any other version might have more difficult issues that will interrupt your work.

If this behavior continues to happen with this suggested version, please save the file and upload it so developers can take a look at it, as It might help to uncover what is the exact problem you’re facing.

It also would help to know what your operating system is (i.e windows 7, mac osx lion, linux ubuntu 16.04, etc), and what your computer specs are (i.e RAM size, CPU speed, especialized audio hardware that might be causing the problem, etc)

It worked! Thanks for the help!

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@Redikai Good, glad that it’s working now. I’ll close this thread and mark it as solved then. If you need anything else related to this issue please keep commenting on this thread. If you have a new or different issue please open a new thread :slight_smile:

It seems that this problem has returned. I’ve tried the most recent stable version but it didn’t help. I tried using an older version of pencil2d but that didn’t help either. I don’t know what is causing this.

@Redikai Hey. some else reported a similar concern, however most of us aren’t having this issue. For now all I can say is that it appears to be hardware related, but I’m speculating based on the previous reports. We’ll have to review this issue again, so for now please try to work a rough audio placement using Pencil2D and then use a video editor to finalize how the audio interacts with your animation.

@Redikai Hey, we recently found and fixed a few problems related to sound synchronization and sound volume with Pencil2D. Even if you are not using the program anymore would you mind testing the latest development build with your original problem file and see if it works for you now? We would really appreciate it just to confirm it has been fixed! thanks in advance :smile:

Below are the direct links for the respective OS builds:
Windows (7+ [x64]):
macOS (10.11+):

Hi, I just downloaded pencil2D and I’m having the same problem. The above links don’t work anymore. Is there any other way to fix the problem? Thank you.

@Lorraine767 Hi. This is a very old thread, the mentioned fixes already exist in the stable version, but In these cases it’s better to make a new thread to avoid confusion.

Now, the delay problem can be affected by multiple factors (which can also stack):

  1. The user’s hardware: RAM, CPU speed and audio cards or chipsets.
  2. The user’s software: outdated audio drivers and missing audio codecs
  3. Some video players tend to incorrectly reproduce the exported videos and the delay becomes more pronounced, however this can be an effect of the sound file having a corrupted header file (it’s hard to know which one has, so it’s best to re-encode the audio file; see point 4)
  4. Using MP3’s has been confirmed to have an adverse effect with playback. For now use only WAV files. If you need to convert them before importing use Audacity (
  5. Pencil2D has an unsolved issue with the audio sync after export, even when using WAV files there’s a 1-3 frame delay on normal machines and files that don’t have any of the previous issues.

    To workaround this you have to manually fix the sound file using a video editor and we currently recommend only using sound as a guide in Pencil2D and then use a video editor to finalize the audio properly like professionals do.