Video export with 720p

Please put a button with HD there.

Minimum could be set to 800x600px.

When the user clicks " HD" the with gets overwritten with 1280 and height gets overwritten with 720 no matter, what the camera has. EDIT: This is the “output resolution” and fully independent of the “camera resolution” !


The export sizes usually always default to whatever your camera size is.

If you’re Camera size is 800x600, it will be set to that.

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Yes, but it is not the same. You could plan your movie with a 800x 600 px camera and then render the output to HD or Full HD if you want. The output will be recalculated, so there it is possible to integrate a button with HD on it, because for Video, HD (1280x720 px) is the most possible output. Then the “Full HD” should be exchanged just with a “HD” Button.

btw. setting the camera on the camera layer is not self declaring. Maybe there should be a camera section in the settings, where you can input the camera settings. Even new users, should be able to find it.

Should it be possible to create more than one camera layer per project, or should there be only one camera per project? :bomb:


@FraFraFrankenstone FYI The settings on the movie exporter are solely meant to upscale or downscale the final resulting media. This was implemented before we got here to aid vector workflows IIRC.

Admittedly it is not clear how it works and I know more people have mistakingly thought this was the “resolution” property for exports.

I think this should be labeled differently maybe something like size re-scaling or simply scaling

To change “resolution” which is quite simply a coined term for media size you can:

  1. Double click on the camera layer and change the camera size. This will effectively change the viewer size but not the contents of the animation, that is, the contents are NOT resized.
  2. You can go to Edit > Preferences > Files and setup a project preset which will become the default preset every time you create a new file. This is where the labels you suggested exist primarily

So bottom line:

  • Using the camera to change size will resize the frame size, but not the contents
  • Using the export settings to change size, will resize the frame size & the contents (the whole video or image basically)

Preset Labels

To be fair I think there could be a preset selector in both camera settings and the exporter(s) settings

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For me, it is no problem to have more than one camera layer in one project, but maybe the software cant handle them correctly. How many camera layers are allowed in one project?


You can have as many as you want, but currently there is no specific way of using multiple cameras defined, so their animation effects tend to overlap each other.

That said you can change cameras in the exporter in case you want to frame different parts of a large drawing, for example.

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The name of the cameras should default to"cam1" “cam2” and “cam3”. I dont see any use of a fourth camera in a project.

For export it needs useful defaults also. Maybe for movies output in HD as .mp4 with 24fps with cam1.

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