Video Editing

I remember someone asking this question before but I can not find it. How do I edit videos in Pencil? Thanks

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@auwimo Hey, well the answer is simple. You can’t edit videos in Pencil2D. Pencil2D is an animation program, period. That means you cannot import videos directly (yet) and you can’t splice them or join them. You CAN add sound(s) but that’s about it. To do proper video editing with Pencil2D would be a difficult task, to say the least.

For that the best thing is to use an actual video editor software. There are several that are open-source, work as well as professional alternatives and are free.

Firstly, I suggest wholeheartedly to use KDENLIVE for MAC / LINUX and if you’re desperate enough like me, to use it on Windows (beta).

You can also use SHOTCUT which works fine out of the box in any OS.

And there’s also BLENDER video editing module. There are far plenty tutorials on the web & youtube for it to function as a video editor as well (aside form it’s 3D functions).

These ones I’ve personally used and by far the one I can recommend the most is Kdenlive. Shotcut has an issue with lengthy videos (1+ hours) and zooming in and out your timeline. While Blender still lacks some features for video editing it’s a solid choice for simple stuff. But adding transitions is not as intuitive as the othe two.

You can in fact. If you go to file hover over export. Click movie, once clicked it will export and turn into a movie. Then,
you can move the movie file into Windows Movie Maker. I have only tried this on Windows. Perhaps this works on Apple computers or other editors.