Video Animation Software


I am developing a video animation software and I need your help to craft the perfect name of the software.

I will be looking forward some unique name options.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

MOD: I’ve removed the fishy link. In the future please don’t try to mask a website with context names within your post.


You can still find the same link on the front page of Pencil2D forum’s page on the “Site-Wide Activity”'s bar
(it happens every time someone edits the contend of his post. The front page will kept all editions as new posts/comments…)

@kaiko The site activity is the only place I can’t edit, each unwanted udpate must be erased individually by the original user and that includes moderator edits. But for now this will do since not many people watch those. The front page / landing page is actually different these days.

Since it’s possible the original poster is a spam account I’ll keep an eye on it, since I’m trying to write down all the spammers until the webmaster visits and helps to remove them. So I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt just in case. Thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Ohhhh, I see!

Spammers are like virus, no one likes them!

You are doing a great job keeping this place cleaner as possible! :slight_smile:

By the way @morr , did you read the comment I posted about the Spanish Translation?

@kaiko Hmm I’m afraid I haven’t been able to read anything related to Pencil2D for the past month. I think there are some new words that appeared due to some implemented features becoming available.

Did you comment over the OneSky service or in this forum?


Here it is:

"Today I had to go to Pencil2D on OneSky (translations) in order to verify some emails that I received from the Portuguese Translation.

To my surprise I checked that the Spanish Translation is now around 85,3% which is odd since I personally finished it some time ago, with 100% !

Does anyone knows something about it?
To be honest I don’t have such a free time to do it again"

I just want you to know if yo know something about it since you are one of the few who can actually speaks/writes in Spanish

@kaiko I see, well like i said on the previous comment. This happened because new names and features were implemented in english, so naturally they need to be translated. This will happen every now and then when new features become available :slight_smile:

That happens because of some new features. As the program is being developed, some new phrases start coming and they don’t stop coming. This week, there were some phrases about shortcuts and the ‘About’ dialog.

@morr and @o_locas

Sorry, so sorry for the misunderstanding. My English sometimes is a mess so I didn’t read your comment properly. It was sooo clear :slight_smile: Now I got it

[it was a surprise to realized that many new words/sentences were already implemented. It is a good sign though)