Very little first test on Pencil2D

Made with Pencil 0.6.5 and Arch Linux.

I used a picture of a pancake has a background, the drawing on a layer, color on another one. It’s a very simple first test, I hope to gradually make more complex animations. I really like the simplicity and lightness of Pencil 2D, it’s very good to make very quickly rough, even on low end computers, as ARM SBC (Rasberry Pi etc…). Thanks all and keep the good work :).

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I also made a quick tuto in french, the video system I used (based on PeerTube), allow to add subtitle after video upload, It’s a first try for a video tutorial. Some said me that the inversion between white on black titles and black on white video is really tiring for eyse. I will try to improve the workflow.

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