Very basic question about frames



I am still a real beginner with Pencil. I love it for all its flakiness and I would happily pay for a supported version of it! As I don’t think there is a real paid 2d animation alternative.

Frames can soon add up. It’s very tricky working across a 13" screen when you have 400 frames on one layer and having to go back to the beginning to add frames/start from the beginning with a sound layer which won’t seem to play for me mid-animation. I am finding working across hundreds of frames really tricky, just the physical handling of it. I am sure I am doing something really wrong and there must be a way round it. Please explain if there is.

Hi, @ptarmigan

  1. There is no effective way to jump across hundreds of frames, but I can implement it if need. How about a “Go to Next 100 frame” and “Go to Prev 100 frame” ?

  2. Sorry, sound layer does not works now.

Thanks Matt - the ‘go to next 100 frame’ sounds great. It would be a real help.

Matt, how about adding “frame step” for prev/next buttons? It would be more versatile than jump by 100 button as you can define step yourself, so you can set it so it’d jump every second of animation (basically same amount as your fps), or every two seconds, etc. I think this is better solution than hardcoding it.