[Vector] Selective Rotation?

If this already exists, then please tell me how, but I want to rotate a single cluster of points in a vector layer. From the only rotation tool that I have found rotates the entire scene, but I just need the single object to rotate.

My scenario: I’m trying to animate a 2d image of a person walking and instead of redrawing their shoe at different angles, I thought it would be easier to just copy and rotate them. This would make it look neater and save me time.

I have Windows, and I believe I am using an older version of Pencil. If a newer version added this feature please explain how I could update.

@soulsfanatic I feel your pain, this one of those features that we all would love to have right now. Sadly I’m afraid I have to let you down today. Pencil2D currently has no transformation capabilities related to rotation. You can “scale” and move, but not rotate. This is something that has been discussed and hopefully we can have it done by version 0.7. For version 0.6 there are other important features coming along but it’s mostly bug fixing / refactoring for stability purposes.

Sadly right now I can’t really recommend a way to do this properly. We are eager to see as well how soon we will be able to have a feature like this on our hands.

I am not sure if I understand this post correctly.

If you are talking about rotating a shape/selection, it can be done in bitmap layers without any issue as far I am concerned.

But doing it in a Vector Layer, as @soulsfanatic mentioned, it is a bit tricky, but it can also be done with shapes that are not so complex, so the shape itself must not be “connected” to others. For instance, following the idea of @soulsfanatic, you can rotate the shoe of your character at different angles, but the shoe must not be connected to its leg, meaning that selecting the shoe will only select the shoe :slight_smile: … obvious of course.
In order to select an object, in this case the shoe, just click over one line of its shape and it will automatically select the whole shape. If it is connected to its leg it will also select the leg

I may have misunderstood something, sorry

Shortkey for rotate a selection (a shoe) (Vector Layer only):

  • Select the object (shortkey V) by just clicking on one of its line. A selected box will be displayed
  • Press (CTRL + Drag Left/Right) INSIDE the selected box: Left rotate anticlockwise, right rotate clockwise. (Improved last build of February)

The same procedure can be applied for a BITMAP layer, but in this case after selecting the shape you have to click the MOVEtool (shortcut Q), then apply the CTRL + DRAG feature

If you want to select more lines that are part of the shoe itself but are NOT connected to it, just press SHIFT while selecting all the desire lines

@kaiko No you’re right, I just didn’t know we were capable of rotating selections in the new version, I read that It was going to be implemented but didn’t know it had been made functional already. Thanks for clearing that up.

@soulsfanatic I apologize for giving false information It wasn’t my intent, I just didn’t know it had been made possible. As Kaiko says it is possible then to rotate in the latest version using CTRL + Drag inside the selection for your vector artwork. Cool then!

I can’t seem to get it to work, I have version 0.5.4, which I looked on the downloads and saw that was latest one, unless you guys are referring to the nightly builds?

@soulsfanatic Yes, they are mostly likely talking about the latest nightly build. You should give that a try.


I guess I could try it again, but will my project be able to run on the nightly build?

I tried it regardless, and it won’t let me in telling me I have an error?

@soulsfanatic If the nightly builds won’t work, then I’m afraid there’s little more we can do. Nightly Build for January 15th allows to rotate as Kaiko said.

We too are waiting for the newest changes to be published by the lead developer, but I don’t really know if that will help out.

What error does exactly play out? can you take a screenshot of it and upload it to imgur?

Also are you using Windows 7, Vista or Windows 10? I don’t think we established that Sorry for not asking first.

Someone said that they fixed a particular mistake by installing Visual Studio C++ 2013, but I’m not clear if it was a redistributable package or the community editor. And I don’t know if it’s related to your error.

You welcome!

As @sumit_makwana replied, we are using the last MasterCode Build (Nightly Build).
And, in the build I mentioned, you can manage to rotate a selected image as you pleased

Building Pencil2D is NOT an easy task. When everything is working OK, you can build the MasterCode as easy as an installing any other program. But sometimes you are not able to build Pencil2D because GtCreator fails somehow to do his job (so in those cases I have learned that I have to wait for another MasterCode… and that means I might be able to pull out Pencil2D once again)

Those errors on the Nightly Builds are mostly “re-installed” with some new improvement or update of the masterCode.
I have experienced issues (not able to build Pencil2D) from QtCreator when a new update/merge_pull/fixing_bugs is done and the MasterCode is updated.
In my case it has nothing to do with installing Visual Studio since it is already installed in my PC.

So in case of errors from the QtCreator, just be patient and wait for another update of the Code. It has been the best solution so far :slight_smile:

Sorry but all my last comments I mixed Nightly_Build with Master_Code. And they are not the same thing