Vector layer onion skin bug

I have a big Problem with the onion Skin from the Vector layer.

The Problem is with onion Skin active i can’t see the stuff that I paint.

with onion skin:

sorry i can put only one Image on the post, but all over the Frame are lines

The second picture
without onion Skin:

@Dragon Hey, thanks for reporting.

Edit: Sorry I missed the first picture. It seems the onion skin is working but there’s a graphical glitch. In such case please try out the latest development version to see if it works for you, as you seem to have a similar issue that was fixed where the graphics get all jumbled up:

This is a direct link to the windows version of **Aug 31st Development Build **

Please try it out and let us know if this fixes the problem for you. If it doesn’t I’ll see about filing a proper issue report on the bug tracker.

Anyway aside from that, I’ll be frank, currently the vector layer is a work in progress and we don’t recommend it to be used at all until developers tackle the titanic endeavour of fixing it.

If you really want to animate with vectors I could recommend either:

Thank you for the fast reply,

  1. i know how to use the Vector layer it was only for demonstrations :wink:
  2. The latest development version work for me. :+1: Thank you very much
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@Dragon Thank you for your patience and swift reply as well.

We hope to improve the software a lot more in the following months to at least help reduce critical problems that stop animators from using the software comfortably :slightly_smiling_face: