Vector layer bucket fill


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Hi folks. I am having trouble using bucket fill on vector drawing, i.e. how to do it in the first place - I use select and get parts of the object and part-fill - but lose the outline of the object in the process. Be good to know how to keep the outline. Have “stroke thickness” set to lowest level of 0.50 and doesn’t seem to have a tolerance level.


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This is how orginal looked:

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@seaswimmer Hi. Thank you for your query. First of all the vector layer is currently a work in progress. Against my better judgement if you want to use a “working” version of the vector layer, you’d have to use at least version 0.5.4 or even 0.4.4b of the original Pencil / Pencil2D. We don’t support these version, but I acknowledge that the vector capabilities for drawing were working better there.

Currently we have no ETA as to when the vector layer will be worked upon since there are various critical issues that are more worrying and with our limited human resources we can only manage so much at the same time.

If you’d like to try out the older version please visit these websites:

v 0.4.4b

Ideally you can work with any version using the PCL filetype. To do this just go to File > Saves As > And in the file explorer window that appears look ath the file prompt below the name of the file. You’ll be able to select if it’s either pclx or pcl.

PCL files are text files on their own and they are accompanied by a folder with all the elements for that project. so becareful where you save you files and if you’re moving the file, remember to also move the .data folder along with it.

Please understand that we take no responsability for these versions. And since they are prone to crashes and corrupting files, you have to make a lot of backup copies to avoid losing work. I’m not joking, we went through a lot of trouble trying to patch the mess that the previous versions were since they would silently corrupt your file without you knowing and people would lose months of work because they didn’t have backup copies. So please, make sure to backup the file if you plan to work with these older versions.

To export the file you can open it with 0.6.3 and just render the movie normally since older versions didn’t have movie export.

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As @JoseMoreno said, the older versions are very prone to crashes, so I’m going to recommend an alternative workaround. You can create a second vector layer under the outline layer that will be just for fills. Then you copy everything from your outline layer to your fill layer and fill the shapes on the fill layer. That way the layer with all your outlines remains unchanged on top while your fill goes underneath it.