Yesterday I was cleaning out my files, and I guess I accidentally deleted something. I’ve been using Pencil2d for editing (because on my other program, exporting animations is very difficult), so this is new. I’ve downloaded vcredist_x86.EXE, but it didn’t help, and neither did unblocking the zip file. I’m really not sure what to do. Whenever I go to open it, Pencil2d says “VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.” And yes, I have tried reinstalling the program.

@cat Hi. sorry to hear you’re having issues with this. VCRUNTIME140_1.dll and MSVCP140.dll are Windows files, not Pencil2D files that Pencil2D and a plethora of other applications depend on. Unfortunately you must insist in using obtaining the vc_redist.exe file that is appropriate for your system.

Please refer to the pinned support topic to learn how to find what kind of bit architecture you have (and consequently which file you need; either 32 or 64 bits) and then download VC_REDIST.EXE form the official Microsoft page linked there

This seems more of a problem where there could be a mismatch between the vc_redist version and your own OS version.

FYI x86 means 32bits, and x64 means 64bits.

If this still does not work, I’m afraid I can only suggest you to use other video editors and animation software that could help you in the long run, but i’m afraid that a few of those will complain about the vcruntime issue.

Nonetheless here they are:

Alternative animation editors

Alternative video editors



I’m personally using Hitfilm Express. You can use it for free and it’s easy and very good to edit videos with it. Plus they have a ton of youtube tutorials.

For animation editors, if you want simplicity first, try WickEditor, and if it’s too simple, then try Tahoma2D instead.

We hope you can fix this in your OS, as the vcruntime file is very important for the proper functioning third party apps like games and other utilities.

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