Various problems

Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I’ve encountered a few problems.
A couple of things to note:
I am on a mac;
I am using a mouse.

On to the list!

1. When I go to play my animation, there are only approx. 3 frames a 
second no matter what the fps is set to.

2. All the things I'm drawing are pixelated.

3. The Bucket tool fills weirdly.

Thank you if you can solve any of these, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Austin

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. What version of Pencil2D are you using?

I can’t reproduce your problem with the animation playing at a fixed frame-rate.

Regarding your second question, try to tick “Anti-aliasing” on whatever tool you’re using, that should make it look less pixelated.

What do you mean by “fills weirdly”?

In case you’re not using the nightly build, you should get it from below and see if it makes any difference:

If I download the new one, will I have to start over?

OK, so turns out I was using Pencil, not Pencil2D. I’ve downloaded 2D, but is there any way to get my work from Pencil to Pencil2D?

One last thing, can you tell me why it’s drawing really slow?

You should be able to just select your old project and open it, however due to changes over the years and such, we can’t promise that it’ll work.

Is it drawing slowly in the nightly build?

@mechabunny Hi Austin, this is the link to the latest version from July 19th:

Please try that one out, and let us know if you still get issue while drawing. Also can you let us know what kind of specifications your computer has?

Here’s a guide I found to find these specs on a MAC:

Thank you for your time, we’ll be pending on your response

@CandyFace Do you think there’s some kind of MAC issue regarding the drawing input from peripherals?, its’ weird that there’s already 4 different people that have reported that although it also seems to be related to the mouse… Maybe it’s a processor issue or a driver issue? Or maybe they are downloading the wrong version lol, it’s very odd considering you and scribblemaniac have a MAC. sigh.

@morr Yes there is, and it’s an old issue which has risen again because of naive checking. I’ve uploaded a PR that should apply this to any version above Yosemite now. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem.

Problem: For one I don’t know how to post my own question secondly I am using an acer with the windows 64 bit version and the option to change my tool size and all that other stuff that’s usually underneath it is gone. The tool options basically how do I get them back? The internet is not helping me

Hello, I have a mac computer with OS X El Capitan version 10.11. I currently am using the Pencil2D version made in 22-06-2017.

There haven’t been any huge problems that I encountered, though it took me a while to find the tools and some other options that made animating much easier. The duplicate button also did not work for a while until recently (actually while making this message).

Though there wasn’t any big issues that I’ve seen it would be great if there was a way to recover deleted frames with an undo button similar to how there is an undo button for drawing, as well as a way to navigate from one frame to another to look between each frame quickly by using the arrow keys.

Thank you for putting in the time to making this program and reading this message.