V0.6.5 is coming

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up we are currently working on the next release (v0.6.5) and hopefully we can get it out in one or two weeks. During this time we will regularly upload new nightly builds every day.

Download Nightly build here!

More than welcome to join us testing the new version! Just download the nightly build and play around. Report issues here or on Github, we will try our best to resolve them.

Stay tuned.


Hi, there.

I’m assuming that you are the big kahuna for Pencil2D.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacob Zeier. I am 27 years old, a male, a filmmaker, and I love this software.

I can’t wait until the latest version gets released so I can download it. I know it takes a lot of hard work and time to get Pencil2D developed but nevertheless is it an awesome software for anyone to make animated movies with. Keep up the good work. :smile:

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Hey @JacobZeier1992, nice to see you and your kind self-introduction.

Have you tried the latest nightly build? Most of the new features & fixes are in nightly builds already, and it’s very close to the final version. would appreciate if I can get some feedback from you.

Sorry for the late reply.

I just want to say that I think that the nightly build looks good because it offers:

  • audio/sound scrubbing and playback (super awesome and helpful, good for lip sync and musical timing like beat tapping)

  • more advanced onion skin controls

  • light table mode (finally, no more making my own “light table” layers, quite invaluable)

  • field overlays such rule of thirds, golden ratio, center and safe areas (good for open matte photography and character blocking)

I’m proud of you and others who made contributions to the upcoming version. :blush:

The only thing that I really hate however is I can’t lift the timeline window up to show all the layers within it. It is really important that I see as many layers as the window will allow. I can only see the first two layers. The timeline window really sucks and needs to be fixed. :angry:

But overall, this nightly build isn’t too bad; it’s a minor change but a major improvement over the current version. Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to the Pencil 2D news update and latest version. :smile:

The timeline window size has not changed. Likely the issue you are having is that the minimum height of the left panels has become larger due to the addition of the onion skins pane. If you close that, the timeline will probably behave exactly like before. If you make the timeline floating, you can make it as large as your screen if you want.

I really like the onion skins pane but I think the real problem is that the tool options pane/window, which is obviously important, depending on the tool that you select in the toolbox, may take up a bit of space, except for the clear frame, select, move, hand, and eyedropper tools. This would probably explain why the timeline window seems hard to adjust when compared to my previous experience using Pencil2D. I would just select a tool like the “hand tool” and extend the timeline’s window up to resize it to my choice, as in liking. Like I said, the nightly build looks pretty good overall. :blush:

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