Using Stop Motion techniques to create animation

This is a vector animation, which is achieved by editing a single drawing. The animation below shows the final result.


The Pencil2D file below, allows you to see how vector animations are stored. This technique is a form of Stop Motion Animation.

Pepper_Walk.pclx (388.7 KB)

I’m not saying that this type of animation is better than animation using Bitmapped drawings, but that it’s a different option, that I hope that you’ll consider.

I’d like to draw your attention to how the hands and feet are drawn, showing that the technique of using 2 layers, on the fill colour and the other the line colour are used. This technique allows for varying the line width.

There is a minor bug within Pencil2D that means that lines are not displayed in the correct order, when displaying a vector image. The lines around these coloured areas are hidden, their colour is defined as ‘Invisible’ in the pallet and there is no facility to join lines within Pencil2D. The result is that there is a slight variance between the lines and the filled area, at the point where the 2 ends of the line join.