Using pencil2d for presentation

After realizing that pencil2d will work great for making something similar to a powerpoint presentation, I created the referenced video. A limited number of drawings and animation were added to enhance an explanation narration. Because the sound is recorded first, the video is made to synchronize with the sound and the two are combined post export. Please excuse the kindergarten level art work.

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@ronwhite Very nice Mr. White! It never occurred to me that it could be used in such way. There are certain feature requests that hopefully will become available to Pencil2D in the future, to create vector artwork with simple shapes as well as text.

I’m sure that this, paired with the audio capabilities would improve everyone’s ability to use it as a presentation software.

We can even think about analyzing a way to export an “interactive” version via HTML5. This is just an idea, but It would probably be quite interesting.

For now If you require interactivity I suggest using LibreOffice Impress. Which is the open source equivalent to MS Powerpoint.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, and have a wonderful day!