Using bucket on different layers

Hey. Im new here. Is there possibility to draw lines on one layer and do colouring !with a bucket! on layer below? (Bitmap layers)

@K3kozZ Hi welcome. This feature existed in ancestor versions of this project, Pencil.

Pencil2D however had this feature temporarily removed this because of various complaints. We’ve been trying to bring it back, but right now there’s no easy way to do this.

There are some workarounds of course, but you would need to finish your lineart first of all so then you could:

  1. Export it as a sequence of PNG’s, re-import into a new layer below your existing lineart, and use the bucket tool with the maximum threshold on the layer below to fill the lines.
  2. Similarly, instead of exporting PNG’s, you can now save the file only with the lineart as a separate PCLX file and with the latest version import Pencil2D project file layers directly. You can watch how here:

Just a warning though, if you try to import the same layer multiple times in the same dialog, Pencil2D will crash you can read more on the ticket labeled as #1427 here:

To avoid white halo effects when using the bucket too, you can turn off the antialiasing when drawing lineart by using the Pen tool with the antialias checkbox turned off. Later you can use a compositing program to add anti aliasing, though this is a more advanced topic that you might need to research separately if you’re interested.

We hope to bring the bucket fill option to properly color layers below the lineart easily in the near future, for now we hope these workarounds help you get started. Otherwise consider using a complementary application to color the lineart quickly and then reimport it into Pencil2D to finish your work.

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