User VINA (VINA ROBBINS) is a Spammer

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have just received this email and wanted to share it. It is a typical spammer one. If you see one similar than you will now they are loving your profile :wink:

Subject: HI

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is vina, I like your profile and i will be very happy if you can contact me with my email address(vinarobbins90@hotmail(dot) com)
so i will tell you more about myself and also share my pictures with you. I will be waiting for your mail because i don’t always log in to this site.www.pencil2d. org Take care.

I am sooo lucky. This person have just signed as a new user an hour ago, and he/she got really surprised by my profile…
… well to be honest I do not have any profile around here :wink:

@kaiko Yeah I got a message too. I can’t ban but I’ll report. Hopefully people will see this message and won’t answer to the spam email.