Use of an mannequin to aid the animation process

The mannequin in this files is built using vector drawings Mannequin.pclx (441.0 KB)

But you could build a mannequin using a set of bitmap drawing on several layers too.

If you load this fle and then switch off the Clothes layer, you can see the mannequin do the motions by scrubbing the timeline, that’s moving the curasor across the timeline either left to right or visa versa.

Switch the clothes layer on and you can observe the relationship between the mannequin and the final drawings. It should be notes that the final drawings are bitmapped.

The animation below is the clothes layer only.


Using a mannequin however you draw and manipulate it is a useful technique to examine movement within you characters.

The mannequin goes through several other motions, you could as an exercise overdraw these in a simular style.

Presumably I can select either the whole mannequin and enlarge or reduce it in size, make it fat by increasing the width, or make it represent a toddler by reducing it size and then increasing the relative size of the head.

An interesting alternative to bitmapped sketch in the form of a skeleton!