Use as MorevnaProject as base ?

@chchwy : This could interest you (received by email) :

Hi! Have you considered to use MorevnaProject's version of Pencil as the base?

We have tested it already on our projects for two years already and it have following improvements:

  • Basic CLI support. Allows to automatically integrate with other software like Remake
  • Export to video file. Audio layers are mixed with video. To select video format use an ‘appropriate’ filename extension (ex: .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4…), movie framerate is selectable (but output codecs don’t support all framerates, a safe and usual choice should be 24, 25 or 30 fps).
  • Audio playback fixed.
  • Fixed saving animation (removed ‘optimization’, now saving is slower but safer)
  • FPS parameter is saved in the project file now.
  • 3 ‘layers’ of onion skinning. Configurable trough edit->preferences->tools, to remove a layer set its opacity to 0.
  • Import movie function. Frames are imported at the current fps, there is no check to limit the imported frames.
  • Duplicate keyframe function.
  • Fix artifacts happening when moving bitmap layer.
  • Keybindings to control the applications
  • Fix transperency bug when export to png sequence

Some of those fixes are patches found on the old Pencil forum, some of them our own enhancements.

P.S. More details on the changes on the old Pencil forum


The code base of pencil I used is already based on Morevna Project’s version.

Very thanks to Morevna Project, they did a great job.

This letter reminds me that we should put the Morevna Project’s link in the “About” page.

I was looking at that link and I wondered how much had they already accomplished with it?

Any chance of me getting a look at a version compiled for Mac?