Upside down file

I am new to Pencil 2D and i completed my first animations ok. i have just completed a longer animation and it has saved upside down. i have tried saving it in more copies after trying to get it back the right way up, but i cant manage it. How can i do it?

@euan Hi, it’s possible that you animated the entire thing with the vertical mirror view option enabled. You can disable this in the Display Panel for future animation projects.

Now to be honest it’s currently not possible to flip the entire animation in Pencil2D, at most you’d have to do it frame by frame using the Edit > Selection > Flip Y action, and that’s a chore. So my actual advice is simply to export the video upside down then use a video editor mirror effect to bring it upright.

There are good and free video editors, but I recommend either hitfilm express or shotcut.

For hitfilm you can see this tutorial playlist to learn how to get it and how to use it

thank you, i will try that

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