Updating Armhf debian/raspbian repositories?

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but can someone update the Raspbian/Debian repositories for Pencil2D? The current version is extremely old, as I have just realized.

@velocireed Hey. Well to be honest I didn’t even know there were such repositories in the first place. Right now developers setup travis-ci to create daily builds for Linux, but I’m unaware if this could help you to deploy these repositories.

If you want to find the latest builds for linux (and see if they work for your system) check out this link:


Also, the morevna project repository is not maintained by us but rather by the Synfig project developers, and those binaries are indeed, very old.


As a last request could you link the repository you are referring to? Might as well try to see if they want to mirror the builds that are being created for Linux systems.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

@velocireed forgot to mention, anything related to the source code should be brought up in the issue tracker on github. So if you have time visit the project here:

Thanks for responding! This is what I am talking about: https://packages.debian.org/sid/pencil2d
It may look to be up to date (i don’t know how it looks on x86 Debian distros), but when you do an apt-get install on the raspberry pi, it downloads an older version for some reason. I will test the other builds for Linux some time, but unless they were made for ARM processor compatibility, I am not sure that they will work.

@velocireed Ah ok!, I see the maintainer is Mattia, we know him. I’ll ask around to see what can be done. In the meantime hopefully you can try the builds I linked before (google drive link) and if those don’t work (yet) try building using this updated guide for Ubuntu (which is debian based as you know):

@mattia_rizzolo Hey Mattia, sorry to bother you. As you can see on this thread mr Morgan Reed asked about updating the debian repository for Pencil2D. Since you appear as the maintainer here: https://packages.debian.org/sid/pencil2d

I don’t know what protocols we need to clear, but what do we require for debian to accept some of the latest revisions for Pencil2D? I know it’s not a completely stable version but it is infinitely better than version 0.5.4, let us know to see how we can help. Have a happy weekend!.

uh, when did I create this account u.U (I don’t remember ever using a nickname containing both my name and surname…)

Anyway, no bothering at all :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the OP is talking about. It’s true that right now the version is not the same as current master, but it’s a git checkout of just ~20 days ago… 2017-04-19…

What’s old about it?

@velocireed I read you are using raspian. Are you sure you are actually downloading from Debian sid, and not from some Raspian repository that might be some previous “snapshot” of debian stretch? (i.e. in the Ubuntu repository pencil2d is at an older version in the released distributions, but that’s what’s “stable” about them).

Updating it is a matter of running a single command, check it actually builds and upload…

FTR, the most correct procedure to contact a Debian maintainer is to file a bug to the Debian bug tracker, although personally (=> do not assume this for anybody else), I’m quite happy to be pinged anywhere.

Thank you for your response, I was unaware of that information. I will look more into updating the repository, so thanks for the info!