Undo delete frames

I’m in the newest Windows version of Pencil and, unless I have no idea how to use this software, I am unable to immediately undo the act of deleting a frame.
Now, sometimes things get a little buggy if I scribble in a frame, delete that frame, and then immediately hit undo. The program will undo the last line I drew, and in the process bring the deleted frame back from the dead, but then it gets confused and seems to overwrite the frame before it instead. So, maybe this bug is just for me, but it makes the lack of an undo-delete feature doubly bad because if you want to bring back your old frame, you’re deleting a different one instead.
I hope I’m not the only one who accidentally hits the delete frame button sometimes and then screams as I destroyed some of my work, so it’d be nice to make this a feature some time in the near future.

Hi Maya

Yeah it’s not just you, you can’t undo a deletion of a keyframe, only the content of it but even so as you said, that too doesn’t work as expected. It’s one of the big things on our todo list to rework the timeline but non of the contributors (including myself) have had time to do it as of yet.

@mayanightstar Hi Maya, as Candyface says it’s something of a known issue, but due to the lack of human resources on the project it has been difficult to process. We are in the process of improving the program and developers will certianly fix this issue in due time, however right now I can’t say what the ETA is for these fixes.

Also, I feel your pain because I’ve had this issue too many times to make it fun. One idea I can give you meanwhile this is worked upon is that while you’re drawing on any give keyframe you can keep pressing ctrl+A to select every stroke on the canvas and ctrl+C to copy. Think of this as a way to backup your frame contents. So if by accident you delete the frame again, you won’t lose all the drawing. Obviously it would be

Also you can enable the auto save feature. Right now it seems it’s saving every 20 strokes (and not using the number in the checkbox) But if you deleted the frame, you can always go back to a previously saved version of your file as well. (Note: Even though atuo save works, I suggest always working by saving several numbered files to have “stages” of your file you can go back to if everything goes wrong)

Take care and thank you for reporting! Hopefully sooner than later all of these little but important things will be available to the public at large.

I thought it was probably on everyone’s radars already, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to check after I did a quick search of the forums and didn’t see it mentioned much.
Jose Moreno, these are good tips and will give me some peace of mind while I work, thank you!
I wish I knew more about software design so I could maybe become a contributor and fix this myself. But alas I am quite a beginner when it comes to programming.

@mayanightstar Hey Maya, just to update you on this issue. CandyFace already managed to implement this feature two days ago! We’re waiting to do some testing, and this will most likely be available in the newest stable version of Pencil2D we’re planning to release SOON™, thank you for being patient and for your continued support!