Ubuntu download instructions

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 (gnome desktop) on an HP computer. I’m also new to all this animation stuff.

On the Pencil2d download page, under Debian & Ubuntu, it suggests using “sudo apt-get install pencil2d.” Although it works well, it installs an earlier version (the “help>>about” Menu item doesn’t even list the version).

May I suggest removing this instruction and encourage users to click on the appropriate download button instead. This downloads the stable version (v0.6) as an .AppImage.

In my case I also downloaded the most current Nightly Build; another .AppImage. Since .AppImage is a completely self-contained file, I now have both “v0.6” and “nightly build” loaded in the same directory. I have the desktop launcher connected to the stable version and run the nightly build file from the directory. So far, it all works great.

I’m not a technonerd and this experience with .AppImage was a first for me. However, it was so easy, I’m afraid something is going to come along and bite me where I don’t like getting bit.

@whiskey No worries. We have made a special portable app for Linux systems. You don’t need to fight through all that tech mumbo-jumbo. Just go to http://pencil2d.org/download and select the appropriate Linux download (32 or 64 bits)

What you’ll get is called an appimage file which is a single executable file that will run the program. However in order to succesfully run this type of portable file you first have to allow the operating system to run such files.

This is an easy task though. Just right click said AppImage file > go to properties > then go to the “permissions” tab > there please check the " allow executable" checkbox and apply any changes. Once you do this just double click the AppImage and you’ll have the latest Pencil2D version running.

This works the same for development versions, which we might ask you to use in case you ever experience problems that might have been solved in these software builds.

@whiskey Sorry, I had read your incomplete message through my email reader. I see, well we left the instructions because there are many more linux users that do enjoy using the command line to install their software.

We sure hopefully don’t want anything to bite our users, but it is precisely why we turned to vouch for the use of AppImages. Since it’s ridiculously easy once you get the hang of it.

However if you have any issues, please do let us know so we can at least queue and prioritize possible fixes.