Two wishes for the color palette

The Color Palette title should be renamed from ”Color Palette” to ”Palette: Standard”.
Why? Any palette I know has to do with colors. I feel that ”Color Palette” is redundant. If we call it ”Palette: Standard”, then we could change the title, and use the filename. If I import “Eric.xml” then the title should show: ”Palette: Eric”, and so on.
The window title would then be more useful and informative.

Since the palette, Color wheel and so on are dockables, it would be nice if I could have two or three palettes open at a time. If that is not possible, then maybe it would be possible to import one palette, and then merge another and a third into this palette, without destroying the three original palettes?
If I make an “Eric.xml” palette file, then I name the colors “Eric hair”, “Eric eyes” and so on. With three palettes merged, there would be a “Eric hair”, “Anna hair” and “George hair”. No problem, as long as the original palette files are not merged.


@davidlamhauge Hmm I understand your reasoning for point 1, perhaps we should review all the panel names while were at it.

Will see how to structure a formal proposal for it since everything done in Pencil2D has to be given different priorities as it’s usually changed by one or two guys, not many access the code, not because they can’t but rather because most people just don’t want to help hehe.

Regarding point 2 i feel like that’s an excellent idea, I too would also like to have a “model” panel to load the color model itself in order to sample from it apart from having multiple “possible” palettes.

Maybe the same palette panel could have a dropdown list that populates when you load multiple palettes in order to change rapidly between them, so it would become sort of a palette library. That would also give real purpose to the import / export feature (which has also been proposed to receive and export other filetypes)

Thank you for your recommendations! :smiley:

@JoseMoreno I have installed QtCreator and downloaded the pencil2d source.
My first suggestion is easy to implement. It took three lines of code. Of course it is something that should be talked about and decided first.
Regarding point two, I haven’t tried it but I wouldn’t mind to dive into it, so the core programmers could concentrate on the stuff they work on.

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@davidlamhauge Those are marvelous news. Honestly thank you for taking an interest to help out with this, every line of code really counts! As for dev discussion you can tag the following devs who are rather active coding the project with the “@” symbol:

  • chchwy

  • CandyFace

  • scribblemaniac

  • J5lx is our webmaster but if you need something related to Pencil2d on linux he’s your man.

Also most often we discuss the development through the DISCORD server #general-development channel.

DISCORD Invitation link
DISCORD can be used on a web browser or you can download a client to use it

It’s free but If you don’t want to join the server there’s also the IRC webnode which is connected specifically to that channel.


Adding on to the color wheel, maybe you could just add as many color wheels as needed by right clicking it and finding that option in the right-click menu.

Is there anything wrong with the color wheel?
It sounds like a feature you’re used to from another software. Personally I think one color wheel is enough. How many colors or color wheels do you need?
I’m sure the Pencil2d team will consider your idea, though.

@davidlamhauge I think they meant color swatches, not wheels hehe. It would be nice that you can right click the color wheel directly to add the currently selected color though, even though right now there are three ways to add a color swatch.

  1. One is using the (+) Plus button in the palette
  2. Another one is right clicking on an empty space on the palette and pressing the ADD option, which would be similar to what I think the user meant
  3. The third way is by using the dialog box next to the (-) minus button in the palette, once you click on the icon you’ll get a color dialog with an inspector reminiscent of other programs and you can pick your color directly and once you click [ok] the color will be added to the palette.