Tutorials suitable for lessons – 1 hour long

Tutorials suitable for lessons – 1 hour long

Hi All

Would you know of any simple tutorials with a step by step guide on how to create something?

I am finding most tutorials are just showing how to use pencil2D and all its features. I want to give pupils a simple tutorial to follow so they create a simple animation and learn the just skills and tools to do this. I cannot let them just “play” on pencil 2D as they need something to watch, follow and do.

All I can find and higher level tutorials which a young teenager would not have the patience or skill to follow….

A different tutorial for each lesson would be ideal… so the will slowly pick up skills by making simple animations.

(A video would have to be based on the default layout Pencil2D as this is what they will be using)

Any suggestions?


@michaelxhermes Hi welcome back to the forum. In the official Pencil2D youtube channel we have some playlists that link to most youtube tutorials made by users relted to Pencil2D as well as some meant for animation


From that space I recommend the videos from DJSANIMATION100 where he actually explains his entire process from rough animation to coloring in various videos while using Pencil2D.

Some tutorials are really old but the knowledge is still worth, and he has been putting out some new ones which are added there as well (some couldn’t be added due to youtube’s children policy since these videos can’t be commented nor added to playlists)

One of our contributor’s David Lamhauge made a series of tutorials using Pencil2D to create a simple animation from start to finish, you should consider evaluating that as well:

There’s also CartoonSpace.net’s Manu which host drawing timelapses and tutorials using Pencil2D, starting from the daffy duck video he added more on screen instructions and it’s really nice to see how he goes about drawing characters using the software, though note that in the latest videos he’s using a experimental version of Pencil2D that we’re developing which has an improved brush system.

Lastly there are some spanish speaking tutorials from a former chilean animation director from long ago when he used Pencil2D. Some of them the commentary is very dry, but they show the guy drawing and creating simple exercises using Pencil2D.

There’s also a set of tutorials by Skanimation which show how to create specific scenes and he’s nice enough to also share the files. (The hacker one is just the file download in the description, but it’s a fun animation!)

Lastly the feature highlights videos which are quick tips on how to use certain advanced features that are not obvious for most users:

These are probably the most “advanced” videos on the software that show how to “make” something with it. There are probably more but sometimes it’s hard to find them since people don’t always tag the software when they make their own videos.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Thanks Jose I will have a look at these now… much appreciated

Pupils who are not too keen, can manage to watch and do as they do not like reading and following written instructions…


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