Trying out animation and Pencil2D with a ball bounce animation

Very new to animating anything! I followed some very basic animation tutorial and got this!


I just straight up just thinker with Pencil2D without knowing a single thing about it! Might be the wrong approach but I have fun.

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Welcome, Ralmon! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.

I really appreciate how you started out simple. From what I’ve seen that’s the best way to start animation- Good luck!

@Ralmon I think it’s looking good for a first time effort! There are many ways to animate the perpetual bouncing ball, some can be more more cartoony or more realistic than others, so it always depends on what you’re going for.

If you want a realistic cartoony feel, always think that for deformation to occur in a drawing it should obey the physical laws of nature, and then you have to exaggerate them.

However it’s not fun to always follow the recipe once you know it. For example falling such a short distance might not warrant the ball to be deformed at all while falling, or hitting the floor might expand the ball flat on the flor even more because the impact distributes the energy within the body.

Sometimes reality goes beyond fiction so looking at the natural world in different ways can help you build your motion “vocabulary” to make it richer.

Check out this video of a golfball being shot at a steel wall in slow motion, you’d never guess it could deform so much!

Note: This one seems ot be a toy golf ball, but nevertheless it’s a real thing

Here’s an intermediate option

And here’s a more conservative option

Have fun and thank you for sharing!

Thanks everyone.

I’m really just following several tutorials many which shows the ball bounce animation.

Thanks JoeyH! After the ball bounce animation. I don’t know how to continue. A dancing character? A walk-cycle? Lip-sync? Stick figures? Animation is so complicated and those seems to be more than I could chew. I finally decided that I will try animating a hand-arm movement keeping in with simple projects. I still really don’t have much of an idea and don’t have much of a drawing skill so… whatever comes out of it, I plan to have fun.

Thanks JoseMoreno. I’m really just trying out animation for fun and have no idea what I’m doing whatsoever. Maybe what I’m animating is one of those squishy foam balls? Lol. I have no idea whatsoever. Thanks for the videos! They are really interesting.

After the ball bounce animation. I don’t know how to continue.

A pendulum swinging is another really common “starter animation” after that the bouching ball, and then maybe a basic stick-man walk cycle or some flour sacks after that. Realistic hands are a real pain in my opinion so you might want to stay away from that to start, or use a “rubber hose” style of drawing and animating.

Try these, and see where it brings you…