Try to copy and paste frames but "fps" box is selected

Hello Guys ! Nice t meet You i’m Mirko
I’ve started since 2 days ago on Pencil 2D . Everything OK but i have an issue to resolve, is about : -I want copy the same frame in a new frame - i select the frame and i select all - copy the frame - add (+) a new - and paste … but the “fps” box is always selected and can’t work with copy-paste actions.
Anyone can help me ? Anyone has got the same problem?
Thank You SO MUCH : )

@mirkolab Hi! It seems like the timeline widget focus was shifted to the FPS spinner box. This happens sometimes after using any of the buttons. If you press and use any tool found in the toolbox on the canvas the focus will shift again to the drawing.

Another way to reset the widget focus is to use the TAB key to change the focus of the interface buttons (in case you don’t have a mouse for some reason).

There is an order to the focus shift and the timeline and it’s buttons are first in that order. So if you have the FPS box focused, press SHIFT+TAB enough times to “go back” until you can see the button focus disappears before the “Add Layer” button. It might sound difficult but it’s very easy and i’m sure you’ll be able to understand once you use the command so press the shortcut until you notice you can use the program normally again.

Please make sure to save a few backup copies of your pencil2d project just in case you are testing a development version too.