tried to change frames

hello. I’m having a problem when I try to draw frames in a different program. What I did was draw a rough version of all my frames directly in Pencil, then cleaned them up in Paint Sai. When I try to play my animation in Pencil with some of the cleaned up frames, the program plays it for a second then crashes.

I have latest official build (I haven’t downloaded any nightly builds) and I have a project due soon so I would really appreciate some help.

update: played my animation in the latest nightly build, but no sound. guess i solved my own problem. thanks anyways

@rangerkay Hi! we’re glad to hear you could solve your issue. Perhaps you can tell us what was it exactly? Maybe we can ease future crashes for other users :slight_smile:

Also the sound issue, yeah we know about it, hopefully we’ll have sound in the near future. For now you can go to our tutorials page and see how to add sound in a different (but free) program like Shotcut or Blender after exporting your images from Pencil2D.