Transferring Project Bug?

Does anyone know how to transfer an animation from 1 computer to another? I have tried numerous times but the progress won’t save after I try to save as the file name. Any information would sure help a lot! Thank you! :)

  • Ava

Do you mean the project file, .pclx file, or the output file as a .mov or .gif format?

To transfer any of these files you require a transfer medium, that could be a memory stick in a USB port or a network connection, say Bluetooth.

To effect the transfer, you simply copy the file from the original file area and paste it onto the transfer medium.

In the case of the memory stick, you have to eject it, this requires you to use the eject command within the file management system. You can then unplug the memory stick and plug it onto the target system.

You then copy and paste it onto the target system storage medium and its now accessible on the target system.

To load the .pclx file, Pencil2D needs to be installed on the target system. To display a .mp4 o4 animated GIF file you can simply load it into a browser of your choice or a media player.

You could also transfer the file or files by attaching them to an email and sending the email. You can send an email to yourself, for this purpose. Then using the email software, click on the down arrow button to download the file. The file or files will be placed in the download menu. Using copy and paste move them to the desired folder.

I hope this explanation is helpful?

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