Training options?

I am new a Pencil2D user. My workflow is importing transparent images and animating them. I need training for to do this workflow efficiently. Are there any users that can provide paid training? We can do over Zoom or similar. PST time zone in US. Thanks Al

Welcome to P2D!

What exactly do you need help with? Could you clarify?

To provide a general answer: Pencil2D does not have any formal organization and we do not offer services or even accept donations at this time, so you will not find any official training. There may be some members of the community willing to do what your looking for but we do not officially endorse any of those activities.

Having said that, you may want to consider your use case for Pencil2D. It is designed to be a fairly simple program, so if you are looking for efficient workflows to do professional work, you may be better off with a more advanced program (FOSS examples could be Blender, OpenToonz, or Synfig depending on the type of animation you want to do). I know of some professional animators that use Pencil2D and they generally find it most useful at early stages such as storyboarding for quick sketches, which is then exported to other programs for the rest of the animation process.

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Couldn’t we provide samples of animation projects, produced with Pencil2D together with their .PCLX files, as a start?

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