Мой файл поврежден помогите пожалуйста


I’ve downloaded the file. Unfortunately I couldn’t unzip it, so I can’t tell you what’s wrong. My guess is that it was interrupted while saving, but I’m not the expert.

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Спасибо, вчера он открывался, а сегодня он не открывается это очень грустно, я вам благодарен за помощь

I was unable to recover anything either. It may be that you were interrupted while saving as David said. Another explanation is that there might be some issue with using Cyrillic characters for the filename. We’re not aware of any such issues after the v0.6.4 hotfix, but things like that have been known to cause problems before.

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Неееееееет( То есть это никак не вернуить?

@Roman Unfortunately if the developers say that specific file can’t be recovered, it’s probably impossible :pensive:

We have a guide to prevent losing work and some file recovery techniques (particularly under Windows) try reading it and see if it helps.

If you’re using Windows OS, for recovery try point #4 and #7.

To prevent losing work try point #1 and #6 to help prevent future problems.