Timeline : nested layers

Some folks here maybe have already proposed this, but I think this need a clean topic.
What about having nested layers in the time line ?

This could be an awesome function. It could make our timeline cleaner and allow powerful functions as eg. transform several layers easily.


------left eye
------right eye

Rotating the “head” layer would also rotate all the childs. (see this topic too : basic layer properties)

Unlike flash, a parent layer should not be a “folder” (where the only role is to be a “container” for layers, its quite useless), but could be a regular layer (vector or bitmap) with drawings on it, except that it could be possible to drag one or several layers under it.

What do you think of it ?

I guess it is too difficult to realize. It would be nice to have at least the Rotating tool to be able rotate such simple things like wheel or a mill wings, which faces always turned to us.

This would be a fantastic addition I think that would really help with keeping layers organized better and related layers grouped.

Nested layers- good idea… it will be great to see more space for drawing…


There are loads of features that i can imagine for pencil.
But with current topics about the timeline i really agree. It certainly needs a bunch of new features.
Linking the layers is a brilliant idea. I think it could also help to organize groups of layers. Like all layers of same type in one seperate folder that could bee folded an un folded at will.
Something else i would like to mention is the difficulty i get moving key frames around. Sometimes i need to spread my keyframes. For exemple if i need two more frames beetwen each keys in a selection (for exemple key 7 to 10) because animation is to quick, then i would like to select the concerned keys and roll the middle mouse button and insert automaticly new frame(not necessaraly key frame. just more space in timline.)
Say [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] ,where brackets are keyframes and underscores are empty frames, could easely become :
Another simple yet amazing thing would be to have a hotkey to move selected keyframes on different layers. When you draw two interacting objects on
two different layers you might need to move keyframes from both (or more) layers. A really cool thing would bee to link keyframes between layers. If two or more keyframes on different layers should stay in sync then moving one should move the other.

Lot’s of talking… I’m pretty sure some already had these ideas but nevertheless i felt like telling them again.
Anyway i should try to follow the forum a bit more. And get animating!!!
See you all and hope you agree (with the concepts as a guideline. not meaning i could expect anybody get it done before i do it myself… If i can i will!)