Time for crowdfunding ? (Splitted from "Implementing libmypaint")

Wow!! This is amazing news! Thanks feeef for helping pencil2d in becoming a more wonderful software. I Really do think mypaintlib is perfect for pencil.

@gordie, do you think it’s time to have a fundraising campaign to help develop pencil? Pencil2d lacks exposure but with all the fundraising website out there maybe it can help generate interest from artist and developers.

I think it’s good to wait to have a first version with libmypaint before starting a crowdfunding campaign because I think the people will show more interest with this kind of brush engine.

(I wish we could add GIMP brush engine to Pencil. Because its smoothing settings are great. Anyway…)

Isn’t this a bit too early to make a crowdfunding campaign? 0.5 still kinda broken compare to 0.4. I like 0.4. It just needs a very little bit of fixing. It needs a better saving feature (Suggested here) and needs to fix this “move and multiply” glitch. (On bitmap layer. When you select and move it, it will duplicate part of it)

I wish I could help programming stuff. I can probably learn C++ and Qt right now but sigh school (and this one important project I’m doing in stickpage). I want to fix the program and make it like 99% stable. Then I’ll put some features to it.

I agree with you @adammz, we need to fix bugs before implementing new features. For me, implementing libmypain is a bug fix. I would spend more time trying to fix the current bitmap brush engine than implementing an existing one. The line smoothing is not bad at all in Pencil. Only the brush forms (and textures), alpha handling, color handling are not very good right now and all this would be fixed by libmypain. This is what an artist will require in a bitmap drawing software.

I do programming but I am myself an artist (storyboarder / animator) and I help with the hope of using this software for professional work some day. Its current features are very promising, I wouldn’t need much more.

I also agree with the fact that we can wait for the app to be more stable and more famous to start a crowd-funding campaign.


do you think it’s time to have a fundraising campaign to help develop pencil?
As @feeef said, I think we should better wait.
  1. Pencil2D is waaaayy to unstable / unfinished to ask people for money
  2. This should be discussed with @chchwy, but we don't have a clear roadmap of what we want to achieve
  3. Crowdfunding is not magic. Sometimes it does not work : look what happened to PAP, while its roadmap and objectives were very clear...

Regardless of whether or not you have an official campaign, it wouldn’t hurt to have a donate button somewhere on the site, even if it’s just small and in the corner of one page. Coding isn’t magic either. It’s work, and it takes time and energy that isn’t being spent on the coder(s) real job(s) where money for food and shelter come from. A simple donate button doesn’t have to nag anyone or make them feel obligated to pay (coughsynfigcough), but it provides a path for those who are already inclined to help financially. Without that path, a potential patron might just walk on by. It’s kind of like the difference between the santas shaking their bells in your face every christmas and the donation jar sitting on the corner of a shop counter…the jar is not nagging you, but it’s there if one has the inclination to help a little.

I’ll let @chchwy answer to this, since he’s the only developper right now.
I could add a button, (it has already been done by the past, but some users were… complaining about it) if he’d like.
The only thing is that who will get the donations if there is more than one developper ?

Just keep in mind that no matter what you do, someone is going to complain. You have to think about what is best for the project and the community. Doing something that touches someone’s sanctity nerve is not the same as doing something wrong. But yeah, it’s chchwy’s call =o)

Maybe I exaggerated a little bit about thinking of a crowd sourcing campaign for pencil and I know it’s too early yet but I just wanted it to get a little more attention from people especially the developers. The more developers will help the better for pencil right?

Anyway, yah a donation button would be nice. If it is for the better of pencil then I would gladly donate :slight_smile:

I agree with the donation button. I think it is not a bad idea to have it if some people want to help financially.

There won’t be much income at the start and you shouldn’t count me as a developer. I just help on my free time. Chchwy is the one who should be rewarded. Also, coding is not my main job. I am a film maker / animator and I would rather get some reward for visual stuff in case we do a successful crowd-funding at some point.

Here is my latest work. I wish I had done the animation with Pencil! I will soon, I know it! :wink:

You know I am a supporter of free software and free software philosophy and a good free traditional animation software is missing right now. In my opinion, the problem with PAP is that it was apparently Mac only. Pencil can touch a wider community. Let’s make a usable version with a good brush engine and it will get the attention from the artists. Once the software gets this attention, we could do a crowd-funding campaign.

I’ll keep helping getting there as much as I can! :slight_smile:

@feeef : thanks for your involvement.
Maybe you are right about PAP. I now remember I was disappointed it was mac only.
BTW, great anim ! I’m kind of an animator too. Here’s my website if you want to have a look !