Thin blue line on vector lines

I am not sure if it is supposed to work this way but when I draw a line with the pen tool on a vector layer it draws the line but with a thin blue line inside? The thin line goes away when I draw another line. Is there a way for that not to happen?

Version: OS: Windows 8.1 Screenshot:

I think its supposed to happen that way. Drawing on vector with either of the tools duplicates the behaviour. Reason, I don’t know. Most likely, the line drawn is selected, or a similar behaviour, immediately upon release. You can see the blue again if you use the Move Tool (Q) and select the vector line.

The blue line is intentional. It’s the heart of vector strokes to be able to modify them at will, using the “smudge” tool you can select a point on the stroke/curve and modify it’s position.

You can select a stroke again by using the move tool.

@Amateur as others have mentioned this is intentional behaviour. This happens in other vector software. The blue line represents the “path” of the stroke. It will appear anytime you select any vector strokes and will go away once they are deselected.


Macromedia Flash / Adobe Animate

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I understand. Thanks to everyone for answering my question.

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