There are more frames

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was told the max was 9999 frames.

Which version is it? Maybe this is a bug, because i cant go higher than 10000 frames.

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As a professional, I would not generally produce a Pencil2D project with more than 400 frames.

I would split the project into scenes, if under 400 frames. Each of these would be held in a .PCLX file.

When in happy with a scene, I export it as an MP4 file.

Then when all the scenes are completed, I edit the together using Shotcut.

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0.6.6. That’s the version.

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Yes, in my opinion 10000 frames are plenty. I dont think this would ever be an issue for me.

10000 frames with 12 fps will be more than 800 seconds of film.

10000 frames with 24 fps will be more than 400 seconds of film, which is more than 6 minutes!!!

It should be possible to draw a scene for a movie in under 10000 frames.

just for fun, i did render a movie with 10000 frames (800x600px) to see if this is possible. yes it is.

One minute of film with 12 fps has 720 frames. This is a lot of work, when you have to draw everything manually.


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