The Windows Vista Version

I am personally using Windows 10 but I recently dusted off my old Windows Vista computer that we haven’t used in years. I was wondering if I was ever able to hook the machine up to the internet ever again- I was wondering since Windows Vista support has been ended for a hot bit, how long will the Windows Vista version of Pencil2D will be available for? Any plans to not update it any longer or because of people who are retro-heads like me you’ll continue to work on that version?

Accessibility on a wide variety of platforms is an important principle to us. There are currently no plans to drop support for it. It helps that from a technical standpoint we don’t actually need to do much to support it, as a lot of the OS specific stuff is handled by the application framework that Pencil2D is built on top of. Having said that, the version of the framework used to support older Windows versions is no longer receiving updates, so it very well could be buggier, and there may be issues which we cannot or will not fix.

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