The Problem with Pencil2d

5 months with seemingly no activity from the developers? Not even a message? I think this shows the developers attitude more than anything else, and has inspired me to not donate, (I’m glad I took a wait and see approach with this project). If this keeps up nobody will donate, or even give pencil 2d a second thought.

So the developers were busy? Doesn’t matter, a simple “Hey we’re pretty busy, but still around” would have worked.

This just goes to show a little communication goes a long way towards building confidence in your project.


Yeah, I know, Ben Burger. No news from the main developper and no update on SourceForge since january.
Guess it’s kind of dead… The good news is, another user is forking Pencil Animation. I’ll see with him if he is interested by this website.

Ah, well that’s great, I wish him the best! I have to say I’m skeptical about this new attempt at a folk unfortunately, given Pencil’s history…