The more I experiment with Pencil2D, the more I'm impressed with it's POWER!

The more I experiment with Pencil2D, I find new techniques that are very powerful.

I like the design model of the user interface, I find it very intuitive.

Thanks Pencil2D Team

The HUD and interface are (/is?) very simple and easy to use- that said though it does provide the most basic animation work- it’s not like Adobe Animate/Flash whatever-you-wanna-call-it where you can add shadows and lighting- which I plan to switch to later in my animated series once the series takes off and I have a higher budget and better knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, which I’m going to college for this Fall.

This software is very good for beginners, like myself. I tend to get overwhelmed if there’s too many features and buttons and don’t know anything about the program.

At work I use the animation features of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animator, Moho Studio Pro etc.

I’m using Pencil2D for Fun. I can run Pencil2D on computers which could not support Hitfilm or any of the above packages. That’s a major part of the attraction of using Pencil2D

I have produced professional projects using Pencil2D.

I like its simple but highly intuitive tools etc.

Some of the professional programs I use have complex tools, that look attractive at first sight, but are full of traps for the unwary!

A classic is the ability set up cycles in Moho Sudio Pro. This doesn’t always do, what’s promised on the packet?

Good luck @ college.

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Facts. Also I appreciate it