the Magician (wip)

Hi guys! This is my wip animation made totally in Pencil. Still working on it. I need your opinion.

Wellcome @pierrot.

What called my attention was the subtle moves of the magician. Really nice.

Great start around here ei! :slight_smile:

As this is a work in progress I have nothing more to add. The subtle things like the soft material of the handkerchief is kind of realistic so far. The way he walks, handle the hollyWood… Well done

Thanx a lot for comment Carlos! Keeping contours in frames still hard for me. The other is “all timing and spacing” :slight_smile:

I saw this again, and forget to ask you, how many time did you spent doing this video? How many frames? Did you export the images as a sequence of PGN or directly as a video?

I use 8 fps all the time, this is very comfortably especially for walk cycle. Not sure exactly how many hours I spent for that cause I work from time to time but totally possibly about 40 h. 155 frames. For now pencil becomes much more stable, almost no crashes thankfully to developers now especially to Matt.

I export a sequence of images which then glued together with blender. Export of video don’t work in last versions (in previous it works but with terrible quality of ffmpeg codec). There is another free and enough powerful video editor “wax”. In future I’ve planned to use it when pencil will exports video with good quality.

Thank you for the information!
Good to know that.

I think Pencil will have a better way for exporting video information.
I once tried to learn the video compositor of Blender3D but it is like learning something bigger than you will ever use :slight_smile:

Keep the good work!

Well I think you’re doing fantastic, it’s full color and everything. I like that walk cycle. And I see you used the camera movement!

If you want some honest critique, I think you ought to work on making some more believable hand motions. It looks okay as is but the motion is totally smooth. Think about how when you bring up your hand, you might pause a little, then bring down the wand and tap the hat with a quick flick. That’s all I would change, though; it looks cool so far.