The frames are still the same, but the drawings disapeared

(filipe262) #1

I was drawing an animation, I had like 20 drawings or more on two layers, so they were 40 drawing, then I saved and started working on a new file. Then, I stopped that one, and I opened recently the previous file. All of the frames were there in the same place, my background paitings were also there, but, only the first frame had a drawing in it, the rest were empty. The camera is in the right place because the background is there, and I only have one camera frame. I dont know what to do.

(Jose Moreno) #2

@Flipey262 Hi, first of all don’t panic. Thee’s a known issue where if you open any file repeatedly using either the “open” or the “open recent” commands, your frames will appear blank.

As long as you don’t save when the file is shown blank nothing will be lost. The workaround while this is being fixed is the following:

When you open the program for the first time on you work session, you can open a file normally. But after that you have to use the “file > new” to make a new file and then use the open commands.

With that said, PLEASE make a backup copy of your current file to avoid any issues.

And if you notice that any drawing has been lost after opening the file with the workaround, please upload your file to a cloud service like google drive, dropbox, , etc and paste the link here so we can try to recover it.

You can also follow this guide I posted on a comment here: