the ability to rebind anything and disable some feutures

really dont like the eyedropper tool whenever i press alt… bro, i alt tab all the time for references and shit i dont want to press one extra button everytime i alt-tab. it’s not the worst thing in the world but its so easely avoidable and its god damn anoying

You can change the shortcuts in the preferences. :3

If your talking about key shortcuts then I know what you mean but thata not what I mean xd. I can rebind the button to actually ivate it (think its “i”) but I cant rebind the button for quick access, basically you hold down alt then u pick a color when u stop holding the key or press left mouse. However this is really buggy so alot of the time its activated permanently l, even when I stop holding alt. If this is not what you are talking about please specify

@atornity Hey, this is a great request. Developers are scarce however, so it’s possible this won’t be implemented very soon. However I’ll try my best to make the appropriate request on the respository tracker.

I understand your issue perfectly because when I use Krita, and they have hard coded the CTRL key to use the eye dropper, however everytime I press CTRL+Z to undo a stroke, the eyedropper activates and then I select the color of the canvas which is something I don’t want, and it irks me furiously.

As far as I know we can’t yet map keyboard shortcuts to different combinations. This is sort of a grey area so it should be possible to make it high priority, but don’t get your hopes up.

Just some tips meanwhile we figure this out. If you go to preferences > Window Opacity, you can make Pencil2D interface transparent to allow you to see through and peek your references.

Also there’s a small app that I use called Kuadro that allows you to have your references organized on top of every program, so you won’t have to alt+tab as much and it’s highly customizable.

@atornity Forgot to mention, when you press alt it changes focus to allow the user to navigate the menus. That’s why the eyedropper becomes sort of permanent. If you press the alt key again you’ll switch focus again and return to your current tool (i.e pencil tool)