Thanks to J5lx!

Hey, finally joined the forum to test it out.

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to setup the forum. I really like it’s design.

Right at the beginning we have to be mindful of the tags. I’ve seen how they are used in Natron’s forum (which also uses discourse) and I think it’s a great way to improve searchability.

Also, @J5lx I don’t know if you noticed but scribblemaniac managed to implement a bot so IRC and Discord and linked now. Meaning any dev can use IRC and whatever they write over there will carry to discord, and viceversa. We probably have to limit what the bot is capable of seeing to leave just the development stuff for IRC. But I think it’s a great first step :slight_smile:

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Well, welcome to the forum, @JoseMoreno!

You‘re probably right about how tags can be helpful, so I enabled them
in the settings. We’ll have to think about how much trust we require to
create tags and apply them to topics. For now I’ve made it so that Trust
Level 3 is required for creating tags, and Trust Level 1 is needed to
apply them, let’s see how that works out. I’ll also make sure to give
you mod power once I figure out a few things, so you should probably
also be able to create tags then.

As for the bot: Yeah, I noticed, since the IRC channel suddenly became
much more active :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ll have to ask scribblemaniac a few things about
it, but first I have something else to do today and most importantly: it
seems to work like a charm, so it’s not really important anyway.

Nah, actually it seems that Discourse wants Trust Level 0 to be able to tag posts by default. They probably put some thought into it, so let’s go with that for now.

Alright, I granted you moderation. I’d also like to make some sort of support group to give you a badge (like the </> thingy you should be seeing next to my avatar) and make it clearer that you are affiliated with the project and doing, basically, community support (I mean let’s face it, that and all the communication and outreach you are doing is just about the #1 most valuable thing you are doing for Pencil2D). I’m just not sure how to name that group. Would simply “Community support” work?

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Hey! Thanks a lot for the responses. Regarding the group. I think Community Support works fine. If you’re looking for a shorter name I think “User Support” or just “Support Team” would work. As long as it’s not an inconvenience to setup, any option is fine by me, and indeed clarity is quite important as well :slight_smile:

Alright, Community Support it is. Say hello to your fancy new badge! (Well, I’m not entirely happy with the colouring yet, though :slightly_smiling_face:)

Yay for a new forum and more structured layout
random pencil2D video to test youtube embedding

Now the forum only needs a proper domain.

Nice work J5lx :wink:

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@J5lx It will be really nice if we could move to this new forum. Thanks for your work.

At the moment I have only one concern, the traffic.
From the’s stats, there are 4000~5000 page views each day and sometimes reach 7000 views.
According to what Gordie said, the massive traffic was causing high CPU usage and the host provider warned him several times due to high CPU usage.

I never host a forum so I am not sure it is a really big amount of page views, and what hosting plan is ok for 7k views/day, but I hope the traffic won’t cost you too much money.

Yeah that might be a concern. TBH, I’m not worried about the amount of data all that much. Loading the forum from scratch (i.e. no caching etc.) takes ~3.3MB for one page, at 7k views a day that makes ~23GB data per day or ~700GB in a 31 day month in a “worst case”. That’s still less than half of what I have available, and on top of that my hosting provider will not charge me for traffic anyway without first contacting me about it. What might be more of an issue is the CPU usage, but the internet says I should by fine with my current resources.

BTW, one thing that I haven’t got to set up til now is the horizontal logo shown when at the top of the page. For now I just emptied it so we get some plain text there (which is still better than a logo saying “Discourse” :p). I was wondering if there might be an existing logo that we could use there, but so far the only thing in a vaguely suitable shape I found was this…
…which seems slightly outdated :slight_smile: Does anyone have anything better?

Hey. I forgot to upload the one I worked on for the showcase, I re-worked on the typography and stuff.

What are the dimensions you require for the horizontal banner? I’ll export a png file really quick to link it here, and afterwards I’ll upload the svg.

Discourse describes it rather vaguely: “The logo image at the top left of your site, should be a wide rectangle shape.” The default logo however uses a resolution of 244x66px, so probably best to go with that (at least the height, width should be whatever works best with the resolution you got).

BTW, the intended place for site resources is Assets for the site design, so it’d probably be best to upload only the SVG to this thread and put the pre-rendered PNG in that assets topic.

Also, thanks for providing that logo in the first place!

Thanks for the reply and for pointing out where to upload the resources! I uploaded both the horizontal banner and the logo (without typography) just in case :slight_smile:

I tried to upload the SVG here, but the file manager tells me only image files are authorized. So I think i’ll create a repo for all the branding thingies that have been created, just so everyone has access if needed.

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@J5lx Hey!, Just wanted to let you know that I shared the database that “Gordie” sent to your email address, you should be able to access it anytime soon through Google Drive :slight_smile:

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