Text Block Image Fading - Best Way?

Hi -
I am trying to have several blocks of text (as frames) show on screen in sequence, each to gently fade in and out, and then be replaced by the next one, sort of a PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress style, to use for presentations. What would be the best &/or easiest way to accomplish that?
I have created some text blocks as test images in GIMP and imported them into Pencil2D, then added a soundtrack as well.
I imported them as an image sequence, and spaced them 64 frames apart. When it plays, they change from one to the next instantly, and I’d like them to fade (maybe even cross-fade) more smoothly, with a second or so of empty background before the next one fades in.
Thanks for any tips you can give - I’m new to all this.:confused:

@tonyawards Hi, Hmm I’m afraid that Pencil2D might not be the best tool to do such things. I’d actually recommend Synfig (http://synfig.org), which does have keyframe interpolation for things like opacity and I think it even has a text tool.

Pencil2D might be too “bare-bones” for those kind of endeavours, as it’s geared towards traditional, hand drawn, animation. In synfig you can still use the soundtrack and the images made in GIMP if you choose to.