tbremise's animations with pencil.

Hi guys! I never noticed there was a forums for this, and thought why not join?

I may not be much help with updating the software, but I can tell you one thing, I love pencil for what it can do so far.

I don’t know why, but the very first animation I did was a rather long one, where I had actually no previous experience with animation, but I had really wanted to get this one done. Anyways. Here is the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/616398

I honestly think pencil is the best open source 2d animation program out there, from what I have found.

I made another, very short animation that didn’t turn out the greatest due to me being a bit lazy, but here it is.


I have taken time this summer to actually learn about animating and have improved a bit, I am going to try to get some more things done to share with you guys soon.

Hope you guys like what I am sharing so far. :wink:

(also, keep up the great work on bringing pencil2d back, I’ve seen some great advancements already.)

First of all welcome to the forums @tbremise ! it’s nice to have more people lurking around so we can build a (new) great community around pencil.-

For what i’ve seen on the two shorts, you’re consistently gaining terrain on this arcane subject haha. Related to your savvy usage of pencil, you’re my personal hero as i’ve always tried to use pencil without much (any) results until just recently, but thanks to the current devs progress on the development, which has been moving steadily, pencil is slowly becoming a rather good app for animation, thanks to that people will shower us with more and more content and in turn other devs will be able to get interested in this!

Anyway again, welcome to the forums, to the community, keep up the great work and make sure to continue posting more of your animation stuff! we’ll be thrilled to see more of it! have fun and happy animating :slight_smile: .

@Jose Moreno

Thanks a lot man. I will keep on animating and when I get something exciting done, I will try to share it here.

At the moment I have been teaching myself the basics of animation once again so that I can get used to how things should move, and how far apart frames should be.

Hero? ha ha, you are too kind.

I like what you are sharing with us. Thank you for that.

I think you have a versatile imagination, I mean your videos are kind of different, in a good way. The man walking to the lake is very imaginative. The other from the factory gave me an idea for doing an animation :slight_smile: