Tamino - Cigar animation

Hey! I just finished this animated music video for Tamino’s song “Cigar”. I’m quite proud of it. Check it out if you’d like. Tamino - Cigar (Animation)


Awesome work! Congrats on the result :partying_face: :tada:

Did you use Pencil2D for any process? If not that’s cool too, the work is great :blush:

That was awesome! Absolutely amazing. You are right to be proud of it.

I solely use Pencil2d for all my animations, actually. It has given me some issues in the past, but in the end it’s the only software I have ever used and the only one that I know how to use…


@sagpi That’s really cool! Thank you for taking the time to answer :smile:

I also hope moving forward Pencil2D can improve much more coming soon so whatever technical issue you and others have experienced in the past will be gone or at least minimized in comparison.

If you don’t mind me asking aside from crashes and potential file corruption, have you had any other recurring issue? Something that is probably too bothersome to ignore?

I’m asking because while we are getting various improvements patched into the recent nightly builds, often times it’s really hard to see certain flaws when the app is not being used as a whole, so it’s helpful when veteran users let us know about their work process as well.

Either way, thank you for sharing your work with us!