Tablet strokes are lagging

For some reason all my strokes from my tablet seem to lag behind a few secs, it hasn’t happened before and the mouse has no problems.
I’m using a mac and an Intuos tablet

I’ve been having this issue too - I’m using Mac OSX El Capitan (latest version) and when I tried the 0.5.4 beta I’ve been getting a lot of lag. I wonder if it could be something to do with the operating system update, since it never used to be like this.

My tablet works fine in the latest nightly build but I’ve been unable to use that as it keeps crashing and corrupting the files when I make an animation of 170 frames.

@burritosalad @neeby hey, yes the MAC build is by far the least functional from the versions we have so far, however both bugs you people describe are affecting all OS. The lag thing is something that was introduced with recent attempts to clean up the program. Feeef is working to integrate MyPaint with Pencil. Once he succeeds this problem will hopefully diminish and youll be able to draw just like in MyPaint (the open source app).

A solution to reduce lag is to make Pencil work in a window and make it really small, liek for example say your monitor was working at 1920 x 1080. If Pencil was fullscreen that would be it’s current window size. If you make it smaller try to go for an 720 x 540 window size (about quarter the size of your monitor) and that should ease up some of the pain. However this is not a real solution, just a small workaround whenever you have a lot stuff going on in the screen.

Regarding Neeby’s problem, we (or at least I found out recently) that Pencil has a memory leak / fragmentation kind of issue where it can’t bear to have files that are larger than 100+ frames on average, some people have reported they had animations with 200+ frames, othes only about 100, etc… the point is, this issue will corrupt the files, and literally destroy any other image file that was a dependency of it.

I’ve warned people time and time again that they should not try and use pencil with a lot of layers / frames. Instead to fight this I’m suggesting to work like how studios do, make one pencil file PER cut, any given cut can range from 3 to 10 seconds. Of course its impossible not to have long cuts, so you’ll have to backup your files A LOT, like saving copies of them in different folders. And once you acknowledge a given copy will give you trouble, stop adding frames and create a new file to continue your animation.

I’m sorry to say that since there are virtually no volunteers interested in helping out to code the software, it’s pretty limited what it can happen in a short period of time, so for now we can only point you on how to prevent these issues. Hope this helps to ease your mind.

Ok, thank you very much for the advice/help