Switching layers shifts the drawings

Hi all,

When switching between bitmap layers the drawings on these layers are shifting to a different position. Which is puzzling me: is it going to be a feature or a “feature”?
I have 3 bitmap layers:
*rownames: empty layer
*columnnames: character layer
Timeline is set to time 1 and all 3 layers contain a frame at time 1. This GIF will demonstrate what happens when clicking on the different layers. I verified that each element is only present in 1 layer, eg that only the second layer contains the A B C D characters.

I did once move those drawings to different positions in their layer. Why do these drawings jump position when focussing a different layer?

@punkie That is indeed weird. Would you mind uploading the test file to a file sharing service like google drive, dropbox, mega.nz, or another one you trust so we can take a look?

Also which version of Pencil2D are you using? it doesn’t seem to be the latest version. If you can please try to download the latest version, even if it’s a development build to thoroughly rule out any possible issue before considering this as a bug.

Now to answer the last question…normally Pencil2D has an active focus on the current layer, so the others become “dimmed” In this case if you moved the content on each layer, imagine that by switching through the layers the current layer will “pop” more evidently in relation to the other layers. However I don’t understand if you have the same table in each layer or if it’s really something that is moving the contents separately, which is why I suggested to try a newer version and to upload your file for further research.

The bugged version was 0.6.0, win64 build.
I tested with the latest nightly build (8th of april) and the drawings now stay put. So it was a bug that is either gone or not reproducable in dev.

Edit: I restarted the stable version and could NOT reproduce right away. But when this behaviour triggers, it continued to do so even when reloading an animation.

PS. the animation does not have the same drawing (table) in different layers. Upon a redrawing (because the focus layer changes) the position of the elements is calced wrong. In the GIF you see movement along the X axis. I remember that I moved the elements right along that axis before, and by the same amount. So we are looking at ghosts of the past. Almost as if some calculations have gone stale or are not recalculated.

@punkie Thank you for your detailed description. So just to verify this does not happen anymore in the development version, correct? If it does at any moment let us know through this same thread so the devs can review the issue. Thank you for taking the time to see through this.

I cant find any steps to reproduce it ANY version. If I found out how, i’ll update this thread.