SUGGESTION: Implementing automatic "MOVE" tool on Bitmap layers

Last build (26July)
WIN7 Ultimate SP1

Every time I want to modify a shape, move a line, resize an object, etc. I first have to SELECT the object with the SELECT tool and then select the MOVE tool (since it is the only one so far for transforming objects).
If I SELECT something I am also implying that I want to modify that thing also. So I was thinking why not implementing the same behaviour of these both tools (the SELECT and MOVE tools) as they behave on VECTOR layers?

VECTOR layer

  1. start Pencil
  2. go to vector layer
  3. select PEN tool
  4. draw some shapes
  5. select the SELECT tool
  6. drag it over the shape you want to modify
  7. the MOVE tool is automatically selected (as suggested)