‘Stuck’ Cursor Icons on [Linux] when using tablet

I have the same exact issue Neeby did on his mac.

“Whenever I move the cursor around between different panels (using a graphics tablet), it ‘sticks’ on a certain icon until I select something with my stylus. When using the Mac touchpad, the cursor changes between panels as it should.” - Neeby

For me the issue only occurs when the panels (ie tool windows or timeline) are docked. If the panels are floating the issue disappears and everything works as expected Since I prefer floating panels anyway and use custom shortcuts to toggle them on/off when needed, the issue is no longer an issue for me.

I’m just posting this for anybody who may be encountering the same issue on linux and would like to try floating panels to get around this particular problem.

Version: I’m currently using the latest development version (from GitHub), but I have encountered the same issue with every linux appimage (nightly builds) I have used in the past.

Thanks for reporting! This is indeed a known issue, though I was unaware it affected the macOS version as well. I’ll add your workaround to that issue, too, for people stumbling upon it over there. Maybe I can find some time to have a closer look at it.

Edit: Actually, looking at the video in the original post, the macOS issue seems to be slightly different from what I’m experiencing, but it might still be related nonetheless.


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