'Stuck' Curson Icons on Mac OSX when using tablet

This bug is difficult to describe so I’ve made a video.

(full screen’s probably best)

Whenever I move the cursor around between different panels (using a graphics tablet), it ‘sticks’ on a certain icon until I select something with my stylus. When using the Mac touchpad, the cursor changes between panels as it should.

Obviously it’s not a massive bug but it’a a bit distracting. Maybe Pencil doesn’t like my tablet? I don’t have problems on any other drawing software.


Pencil Nightly Build 2017-09-23

Mac OSX Sierra
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: 8gb

Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet


@neeby I have a Wacom Intuos Pro, and this kind of issue happened to me because the sensitivity of the buttons and the touch is so damn high I had to disable all the buttons from my tablet except the ones from the stylus. Also In windows I have to disable the “windows ink” I don’t know if mac has a similar concept.

Anyway Please try this before we go down the bug road, let’s try to trouble shoot this:

  1. Go to your wacom tablet properties. In the “applications” bar, create a profile for Pencil2D only

  2. On your grip pen make sure you are using one monitor and you have “force proportions” activated

  3. Disable all the touch functionality, gestures and “functions” buttons (change each of them to a disabled state). Try Pencil2D

  4. If that doesn’t work. Also in the Pen stylus options turn the “double click distance” off. Try Pencil2D again.

  5. If that doesn’t work. Then go to the general “options” button on the bottom and locate the “Pen Button Mode”. Change it to Click & Tap. Try that out. If you had already Click & Tap, then change it to Hover Click and try it out like that.

  6. Lastly try to use ONLY your eraser tip side. Change the eraser to a different tool and see if there is any change.

If none of those work, then I’ll tag one of the MAC devs to see if he can help you out with this. Meanwhile, please, if you have some spare time try to systematically test the previous mac versions in order to see which one doesn’t produce this issue for you, and let us know.

Hi Jose, thanks for your reply.

I couldn’t find all the options you mentioned, but I did try ‘Force Proportions’ and ‘One Monitor’. My tablet doesn’t have ‘touch’ capability so I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m not able to turn off double-click distance; I can only move a slider between ‘small’ and ‘big’. Changing to ‘Click and Tap’ sadly changed nothing. I have the same ‘stuck’ icon problem with the eraser, even when changing tools.

I went through the nightly builds. The earliest version that doesn’t have this problem is the 2017-07-19 build.

@neeby Thanks for going through that. Then it would seem that something was introduced after such version, however I’m not a developer myself so all I can guess is that either the developer tools had something introduced on them, or the program itself has an issue. I’ll tag a dev to see If he can help us out.

@Candyface Hey man, sorry to bother you. Just wanted to ask have you encountered the “stuck icon” problem discussed on this thread on any of your MAC builds?

After troubleshooting it a bit OP says it’s not present on July 19th build, but after that it is present even in the release candidate. Do you think it could be an issue with QT for MAC? Or maybe it has to do with the OS version compatibility with pencil2D?

@morr Hey no problem at all, haven’t been able to get online because a lighting bolt killed a good deal of my equipment… i’m finally back now though so that’s good. About the stuck icon bug, I’ve sorta bumped into it yeah, It hasn’t bothered me too much yet, so I haven’t looked into it but I do encounter it once in a while and it happens with mouse too. It doesn’t happy consistently though, but restarting the program often fixes the problem.