Strange speed issue

I am working an animation in pencil2d, until frame 43 everything works as expected, but any frame after frame 44 makes the software come to a complete standstill. If I go back to slide 43 or earlier, things speed up again.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m attaching the file, maybe this helps tracking down what is happening internally.

animation.pclx (1.2 MB)

Hi Eljakim

Thanks for attaching the project, it made it much easier to track down the problem. The size of those keyframes are 5363 × 29695, how that happened I can’t say but that’s the reason everything is performing terrible.

As for what you can do to fix the problem. Click on the select tool and make a selection around the camera border, then copy the content of frame 44, erase the content by either deleting the keyframe on the timeline or use the “Clear Frame” tool to clear the frame.

Once that’s done, paste the content of your clipboard to the frame again and do the same for the other frames.

Note that we’ve made major improvements to the performance in the nightly build, so at the very least you shouldn’t see the same kind of problem with the application freezing like that.

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